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MASKast reviews episodes from the M.A.S.K. animated series, hosts chats about the overall franchise, and conducts interviews within the fan community. Your hosts are Jason & Wyatt, the lifelong fans behind the AgentsOfMASK.com website. We welcome your interaction with the show, including your votes and comments prior to each review episode. You can also watch our recording sessions via the A.O.M. YouTube channel.

MASKast Chat 7 - Hasbro Cinematic Universe Announcement


Jason, Wyatt, and Erik from Boulder-Hill.Net sit down to react to today's big news that M.A.S.K. is a part of a new movie project. Hasbro's press release today stated that G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Visionaries, Micronauts, and ROM will be part of a multi-universe cinema world that is currently in development with Paramount Pictures. We give our reactions and speculation to the possibility of seeing M.A.S.K. on the big screen and how we think it could work best. We also read back some comments left on our Facebook page.


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