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MASKast reviews episodes from the M.A.S.K. animated series, hosts chats about the overall franchise, and conducts interviews within the fan community. Your hosts are Jason & Wyatt, the lifelong fans behind the AgentsOfMASK.com website. We welcome your interaction with the show, including your votes and comments prior to each review episode. You can also watch our recording sessions via the A.O.M. YouTube channel.

MASKast 4 - The Highway of Terror


Join us as we break down M.A.S.K. episode #4 (The Highway of Terror) including the plot, vehicles, and our own personal ratings. We talk about who this Dwayne guy is, why T-Bob doesn't electrocute himself when swimming, and some tie-ins to our live action movie script. Audio clips of the episode are mixed into the podcast, as well as listener comments from our website! Plus, we wrap it up with a quick glimpse at next week's episode.


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